If you’ve looked at your skin and seen that you have red moles, these are referred to clinically as cherry hemangiomas. These are especially tricky to remove, because they involve blood vessels and can bleed quite easily if you tamper with them.

Red moles on skin are not especially dangerous; however, they could be rather ugly and individuals want them eliminated for cosmetic reasons. Another type of red moles on skin are intradermal melanocytic nevi. These kinds of moles have some pigment and are more usually found on individuals who have fair skin, blue eyes and light hair.

The main problem with red moles on the skin surface is the fact that if you scrape or bump them, they can bleed profusely because of the amount of blood vessels which are located close to the surface. Red moles on skin are often not cancerous, but if you ever have a question about the risk of skin cancer or a concern, you should consult your doctor.

The technique for removal of red moles on the skin is no different than the typical techniques of mole removal. You can have them excised, removed with laser treatments, frozen off or you can use home remedies that you can purchase from your local pharmacy.

The single thing folks see as soon as they eliminate moles is that they feel more healthy and attractive. The issue with many over the counter treatments is that although they do provide a solution to the problem, the effects are seldom long lasting and moles can recur in months or years. Often when the moles come back, they tend to “spread” and multiply.

This, of course, isn’t the result that individuals really want when they attempt to eliminate moles. The mole removal cost involved in going to your doctor and seeking some sort of treatment can be very expensive, particularly if you have a lot of moles. There are natural remedies that are just as effective as surgical remedies and they do not leave undesirable scarring or cause undue pain.

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