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Review: 2017 Hot Wheels #2 UNSC Warthog

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Review: 2017 Hot Wheels #2 UNSC Warthog

Review: 2017 Hot Wheels #2 UNSC Warthog


Warts on Face: Prevention And Treatment

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Warts anywhere in the body are not that desirable for most people, if not all. People who have warts on their face are very self-conscious about them that they want to remove these skin problems as soon as possible.

The Origin of Warts

However, before we discuss how to remove warts in the face effectively, let’s try to take a look first on why you could develop warts.

Warts, also known as verruca, come from a virus called the human papilloma virus or the HPV. There are around 130 strains of the virus; and types 1, 2, and 3 are the common causes of warts among humans.

A wart is generally a small, rough tumor that can resemble a cauliflower or solid blister.

Common warts are warts on fingers, warts on hands, warts on feet, knees, and elbows. They are characterized as grayish brown and bumpy. Black specks may sometimes be present in the center. Plantar warts are those found at the bottom of the feet. They are usually found on the soles and on the pressure points of the feet. This may prove to be very uncomfortable. Warts can sometimes be present in the genitals. Flat warts are present in the face, especially near the eyelids and lips.

How Does One Get Rid of Those Warts in the Face?

Warts are contagious. The best thing one can do is to avoid touching people who have warts and avoid sharing towels or toiletries with these people.

Self-treatments at home may be more convenient and may even prove to be much cheaper. Salicylic acid can be bought as an over-the-counter drug. It is used to remove the dead surface skin cells of the wart, which will then cause the wart to eventually fall off. One has to wait for days or weeks, though, before you can see such result. You must also have to be careful since the acid may burn the healthy portions of your skin. Salicylic acid should not be used in plantar warts. Rather, there is the silver nitrate that can be used as a caustic pencil.

Another method used in removing warts in the face is cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart, which also eventually sloughs off in the process. An average of three to four sessions is required, depending on the thickness of the wart.

Other options include surgically removing the wart with laser, though some are wary that this can leave scars in the face. This treatment is also very expensive.

The best treatment, though, is to consult your dermatologist first because they are experts in these areas. A wart may look like just a simple wart, but there have been reported cases of warts that were actually malignant tumors. These tumors may be aggravated by over-the-counter medications. Dermatologists can best check if that wart in your face is harmless or not. They can also suggest the best possible treatments for you.

Though some of the warts can disappear over time, it’s still comforting to know that you do have plenty of options if you want to remove them, especially if they are found on your face.

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Wart Removal

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Genital Warts: What You Need To Know And Why

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Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. While the disease is incurable, you can get rid of the physical manifestations through genital warts treatment.

Genital warts may be more common than you think and this is something that ought to alarm you. They are a form of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and are known to cause cervical cancer. These warts manifest gradually so you or your partner might not know that you have them. However if you have been sexually active, then you should immediately check if you need to start your genital warts treatment and it should be treated seriously.

What are genital warts?

Warts are actually a form of infection from the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are many kinds of HPV, some cause genital warts but at low risk, while there are others which can cause cervical cancer and are called high risk. Genital warts grow in very sensitive parts of your body depending on the point of contact.

Fortunately, you can easily get genital warts treatment cures from your doctor. This way, you can prevent the worst from becoming a reality! Some genital warts look like flat white patches while others are like tiny bunches of cauliflower and are really quite scary to look at. If you let it fester in your body, seeing the warts on your body can cause your stomach to turn.

How do you get genital warts?

This specific STD can be easily acquired through intimate contact. This disease is so prevalent that 15 out of 55 Americans have these genital warts growing inside them! This is why you should definitely try to get yourself checked out. If you suspect that you are getting warts then immediately go to your doctor for a check up. Should the test turns out to be positive, then immediately ask for genital warts treatment advice from a medical professional.

So what?

Again, we are urging you not to start panicking and tell everyone to stop having a life. This specific STD can be treated. Just a simple medication can be taken in order to start the genital warts treatment. Visible warts can be treated by topical creams which you can apply directly to your skin.

However, in severe cases, you might have to consider more drastic genital warts treatment. For example, these warts can be easily surgically removed, the doctor can apply nitrogen to freeze them off, or cauterization by electric needles.

Is that the end?

Unfortunately, although you can easily have them removed from your skin, these genital warts treatment are only temporary. You may be able to treat the visible warts but HPV infection can stay in your body cells. So even if you have removed the physical manifestation and they have the tendency to recur and spread without you or your partner knowing. Considering how prevalent this disease is, you might want to think twice about hooking up with strangers.

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Genital Warts – 7 Established Facts About Genital Warts

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Here are seven established facts about genital warts.

1. Genital warts are highly contagious.

Genital warts spread easily from one person to another through sexual intercourse. Human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus responsible for genital warts, is able to penetrate one’s skin and mucosal surfaces through the tiny abrasions in the genital area that develop during sexual intercourse.

2. Genital warts are incurable.

Once you catch HPV, you can never eliminate it from your body. You can treat it and remove the genital warts, but it remains dormant in your system. Thus, genital warts can show up again.

3. Genital warts may resurface.

HPV can lie dormant in your body. It can resurface when triggered by risk factors like smoking, stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, immune system deficiencies, and lifestyle changes, among others. In fact, a lot of people are not aware that they have HPV in their system. Many men do have genital warts on their penis and remain unaware of their presence since they may be very tiny and hidden. A lot of women also have genital warts but remain oblivious because they occur internally in many cases. Only 10 percent of genital warts are noticeable.

4. Genital warts can be treated and get rid of.

There are different therapy options for genital warts removal depending on their size and location. If you consult your doctor, he or she may advise you to apply a topical medication or undergo electrocautery (burning), cryosurgery (freezing), or laser treatment. Some people also attest to the efficacy of herbal preparation in getting rid of genital warts.

5. Genital warts cannot spread from your genitals to other parts of your body and vice versa.

There are at least 150 types of HPV. The strains that are responsible for genital warts occur only in the genital region. They spread through direct contact with the skin of an infected partner through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse. Infection may happen through contact with a visible genital wart or through subclinical infection, meaning contact with an area of the skin with no visible genital wart. Following sexual intercourse with an infected person, genital warts may take a few weeks to several years to manifest.

6. You can do something to prevent further development of genital warts.

Many studies have proven that having a healthy immune system helps a lot in preventing the outbreak of genital warts. For those who have had genital warts, physicians require specific supplements that boost the immune system like selenium, green tea extract, bioflavins, and grape seed extract.

7. Genital warts may cause cervical cancer.

Approximately 70 percent of all cases of cervical cancer are caused by types 16 and 18 of HPV. HPV causes the outer layer of normal cells of the cervical transformation zone (TZ) to be replaced by cancer cells. Such a change is only detected in the early stages through a Pap smear. In fact, 90 percent of deaths arising from cervical cancer could have been prevented through early detection. Hence, it is imperative that all women who are sexually active have regular Pap smears.

For more information, kindly visit Genital Warts Support Team – a health resource dedicated to providing factual information about Genital Warts. Related topics including Causes of Genital Warts , Diagnosis of Genital Warts and more.

East African Wart-Hog, New York Zoological Park Pigs Original Vintage Postcard

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East African Wart-Hog, New York Zoological Park Pigs Original Vintage Postcard

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Home Remedies for Plantar Warts – Three Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Plantar Warts

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Do you have plantar warts and not sure if you should remove them? Well, many people do have plantar warts and think the same thing. While plantar warts are uncomfortable, you do have options. While seeing your doctor for a correct diagnosis is recommended, you do have options to remove them on your own or sometimes you may not need to remove them. However, you very much may want to get rid of them.

Plantar warts are warts that appear on your foot. They are caused by a virus called human papilloma virus, aka HPV. Most are harmless skin growths, however, it is always best to seek the advisement of a physician to make sure they are benign. They can appear in clusters and can be very uncomfortable because of the pressure applied to them from walking.

The first reason why you want to get rid of them is they can be very painful and they can affect your day to day activities. You see the warts appear on the sole of your foot and doing something as simple as walking can be a very painful undertaking. This can be especially a problem for you if you work on your feet all day.

Another reason you want to get rid of them is that plantar warts are noticeable. I’m not talking about someone else noticing them (you’ll have to have your shoes and socks off with your bare feet up on the coffee table for anyone to notice). However, I am implying you will notice them. Plantar warts can grow in size and they also grow in clusters with small warts surrounding a huge wart. Unless you’re a foot model you’ll most likely you won’t notice what they look like on your foot. However, you will notice them with every step you take.

The last reason I would like to discuss is you want to get rid of plantar warts because they have the potential to be contagious. Meaning they can transfer between people. You can catch them from direct or indirect contact. It doesn’t always happen but it can. Some people are more susceptible to the HPV virus than others. So you may pass the virus to people you don’t know or worse yet to people you love and care about. However, it’s really a no win situation because plantar warts grow inward because of the pressure applied to them while you walk. So you may not notice you have them all ready. So you could be spreading the virus without even knowing it.

The good news is you have many plantar warts treatment options available to you. Your primary physician can help you with removing the warts. However, if you are concerned with costs, you can treat the plantar warts effectively on your own. You can purchase over the counter wart removal products or try a home remedy to remove them. Over the counter products will work but they are evasive on your skin and may attack the HPV virus effectively. However, there are home remedies that do get rid of the wart and help attack the virus.

There are a number of home remedies available for naturally removing them and some of them require the use of ingredients that you have in your home all ready. Also using a natural method to remove the warts will not harm your skin and may not cause scarring. Finally, most home remedies are more comfortable to apply than the over the counter methods.

While it’s your decision to remove the plantar warts, using a natural method will help you get rid of the warts a little easier. Also, since they are so uncomfortable or can be downright painful, making the decision and effort to get rid of plantar warts should be a no brainer.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information in this article is not a substitute for specific medical advice. It is recommended you seek a physician for medical advisement.

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Home Remedy For Warts

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Home Remedy For Warts

Home Remedy For Warts

  • 11 Effective Home Remedies
  • Different Types Of Warts
  • What Causes Warts
  • Warts Best Treatment
  • Warts Keep Coming Back info
  • Warts Quick Removal
  • Warts Skin Infection
  • How To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

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Tips For Quick Removal of Plantar Warts

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There are actually many of ways to remove warts, but when it comes to plantar warts, it’s going to be quite difficult. Removal of plantar warts is a challenge, as they can be truly stubborn. Unlike facial warts, they grow inward and under the skin. They can be extremely painful when you walk. More than likely you see them fully grown before you can actually start treatment to remove them. Moreover, some treatments cannot truly guarantee that they will not come back.

Remember, the goal in any removal method of warts is not to just rid the wart off your foot but also kill the virus that causes it. Here are a few quick ways on how to remove plantar warts:

The first treatment I would like to discuss is laser surgery. This treatment involves a high intensity laser light that is carefully directed on the affected area to destroy the wart. Depending on the severity of the plantar warts, laser therapy requires some form of anesthesia. This treatment is very effective with areas that have a large number of warts.

Laser surgery treatment is not only effective in the removal of genital warts, but you can also apply this to remove plantar warts. It’s highly effective, even much better then cryosurgery (which actually has 73% return rate). There’s also less inflammation on the affected area and on its surrounding skin. The downside of laser therapy is it’s very expensive. Unless your doctor advises this treatment for your plantar warts, laser surgery may not be a good first choice and perhaps a last resort.

Another treatment is cauterization. One type of this treatment is called chemical cauterization. A small amount of chemical (such as Trichloroacetic acid) is placed on the wart to destroy it. Chemical cauterization can be one of the best ways to remove warts and it has been proven to remove plantar warts. However, cauterization can be uncomfortable.

The other type of cauterization is called Electrocautery. Electrocautery (aka Electrosurgery) is used to get rid of many different types of warts. However the treatment is mostly used on small warts. The process involves applying an electrical current to and/or cutting the warts by your physician. Again, it can be effective but I would imagine not a desirable method to get rid of the warts unless you have tried other methods first.

Finally there are natural methods to use in removing your plantar warts. There are many benefits to this one is you can do this in the privacy of your own home. Also, most methods using natural ingredients are not abrasive to the skin and you’ll have a much less chance of getting a scar. Some natural methods are very fast and can get rid of your plantar warts in as little as a few days. Also, they are less painful in general to implement.

So if you have plantar warts, you may want to review the methods discussed above. If you decide to use any of these methods make sure you know what’s involved with each method.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information in this article is not a substitute for specific medical advice. It is recommended you seek a physician for medical advisement.

Do you want the fastest way to remove plantar warts? According to the book No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags, you can make use of simple ingredients remove plantar warts. Read our review at:

Gross, Ugly, Embarrassing Warts

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Warts are (lets call a spade a spade) gross, ugly, and very embarrassing. There is a reason why most pictures of Halloween witches have a big fat wart on the end of the old girl’s nose. Let’s face it, no one wants to have a single, little bitty wart much less a whole army of the humiliating little suckers.

What Do They Look Like?

They are usually skin colored and rough to the touch but they can also be dark, flat and smooth. Plantar warts (warts of the soles of the foot) are usually smooth because they have been pushed, from the pressure of walking, back into the skin of the foot.

A staggering fifty percent of sexually active Americans will contract Genital Warts in their lifetime. This awesome figure is enough to make some folks give up the satisfying activity. Just kidding!

What causes the ugly little buggers:

Warts are all sub-types of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are more than 100 types of the HPV viruses. All warts are spread by physical contact; however, genital warts are the most infectious and are sexually transmitted ONLY. Warts on the body, face, fingers, or feet are also spread by physical contact. Once you are infected with the warts virus, outbreaks of warts can occur at anytime especially if your immune system is depleted.

Will They Go Away On Their Own?

Often warts do disappear on their own especially in children, although it may take many months, or even years, for the warts to go away. Most wart sufferers want to rid themselves of the condition as soon as possible. I, for one, didn’t want to wait months or years for my warts to decide to vacate my fingers, ugh. I wanted to be painlessly wart free immediately. The darn things were limiting my social life as I was constantly trying to hide my hands.

Do They Need To Be Treated?

Usually, yes. Besides being embarrassing when they grow on your face, fingers or genitals, they are also bothersome. They can bleed and cause pain when they’re bumped or scraped. Treatment should decrease the chance that they will be spread to other areas of your body or to other people.

Common methods of getting rid warts in the U.S.

1. Freeze them off. Cryosurgery for wart removal is still used today. It is painful, you will experience blisters and you will usually have scaring. This method has a recurrence rate of a whopping 73%. OMG!

2. Burn them off. Electrocautery also involves blistering and scarring.

3. Cut them off. Large warts are sometimes surgically removed with a recurrence rate of 21%, YIKES.

4. Poison, Acid, Or Prescription Medication them off. Most all of these treatments will get rid of the warts initially, but in many cases the darn things will recur.

5. Get them off the natural way. Yes, this sounds like a winner! No pain… lots of gain… and quickly (in 3 days) gets rid of the humiliating little growths forever. The natural way is a painless, and effective way to permanently remove moles, warts and skin tags in just three days. This method has a 98.5% success rate.

Fortunately, now there is no need to endure burning, freezing or surgical removal. There are now all natural, safe, painless, permanent methods to deal with embarrassing warts. You can give those ugly little persistent growths a kick in the pants permanently with ALL NATURAL methods. Get rid of your warts in three days, not months or years.

Lanie Dills is the creator of Warts Plantar. If you would like to learn more about how to get rid of your warts the Natural Way, get more information at: Warts Plantar

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